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Ran away from forced marriage, tricked into returning, hasn't been seen unescorted since

Learn More about Ruby Jessop.

Ruby Jessop
Ruby Jessop, 14 year old Child Bride

Warren Jeffs and the FLDS church

NPR describes the movement that Ruby Jessop is caught up in

Excerpt: Jon Krakauer´s book "Under the Banner of Heaven" describes Ruby Jessop's ordeal.


January 18, 2013

Ruby has been able to leave the FLDS along with her 6 children. Flora and Ruby have been reunited. Now Flora will be able to help her sister and children readjust to normal society. There will be a lot of challenges but Ruby is free of the cult.

Free of the FLDS: Ruby Jessop and her 6 children
Courtesy of Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson,and Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan. January 22, 2013.

Yahoo News reports on Ruby Jessop's escape from Colorado City. Her story will be featured on 20-20 Saturday Evening, January 26, 2013.

RELIEVED RUNAWAYS: Flora Jessop is flanked by Fawn Holm, left, and Fawn Broadbent, both 16, who have run away from their polygamist families in Colorado City. PAUL O’NEILL, MESA TRIBUNE - Jan 15, 2004

Help for the Lost Boys of Polygamy
Former FLDS Polygamist reaches out to the forgotten victims of polygamy.
HTCB Challenges Senator Orrin Hatch


In April of 2001, Ruby Jessop attempted to break away from an oppressive and abusive isolated community in Colorado City, Arizona after being forced to marry her step-brother. She received insufficient support from government authorities in Utah and Arizona and ended up back under the control of her authoritarian, isolationist community of the FLDS Church polygamists . Since then she's rarely been seen in public, never unescorted. When a girl has tried to run the polygamists isolate them away and re-educate them. Ruby hasn't been able to speak to any outsider since she was returned to the polygamists.

The polygamists fight very hard to get these girls back.
Ruby's sister, Flora Jessop, with John Walsh before taping a segment for his show.
They use threats, intimidation, subterfuge, and they have a legal firm on retainer that is used to manipulate the legal system.

The girls of the FLDS are brought up to be married off at the earliest possible age. The Elders pick husbands for them, usually polygamous men who are much older than they. Sometimes these girls aren’t even aware they are to be married until the day of the marriage.

These children are brought up in a secluded, deprived environment. They are given minimal educational opportunities, don’t watch TV, listen to radio, nor go to movies. They are taught that "outsiders" are of Satan, to be avoided. They are woefully ignorant of the outside world and are taught that forced marriages to older men is normal. Their self-esteem is almost non-existant.

Polygamy FAQ - By John Llewellyn