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Recent Newspaper and Magazine Articles about Polygamy

 * Phoenix New Times
        A fine series of articles by Reporter John Dougherty has blown the lid off the FLDS polygamous cartel.

 * Warren Jeffs sued for Sexual Assault
        Salt Lake Tribune; July 30, 2004

 * Flora Jessop helps 2 girls flee polygamy.
        East Valley Tribune; 01/15/2004

 * Las Vegas Review Journal, 11/02/2003
        The Kingston Clan and business connections to Las Vegas.

 * Prescott Daily Courier; 4 part series
        Excellent articles by Al Herron

 * National Enquirer
        "Cruel American Cult"

 * Critics: Polygamy Crime Still There 8/18/2002
        LA Times Article about Polygamist abuse

 * Marie Claire Article; March 2002
        Featuring Laura Chapman, Flora Jessop, and Sarah Cooke.

 * Rulon Jeffs Bio
        Rick Ross's describes polygamous leader Rulon Jeffs (now deceased)

 * CNN Article on the Kingston Clan
        Mary Ann Kingston's courageous flight into the night.

 * Mormon Fundamentalism and Violence: A Historical Analysis
        College Thesis by Garn LeBaron

 * Teddy bears, pigtails, 13-year-old girls. . .and Marriage!
        Salt Lake Tribune article; 12/14/97