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  Books about Polygamy in the USA Today
 * "Church of Lies"
        Flora Jessop Tells of her life growing up in the FLDS Community

 * "Escape"
        Carolyn Jessopīs best seller about her courageous escape from FLDS opression

 * "Under the Banner of Heaven"
        Jon Krakauerīs best seller exposes Polygamous Cult Violence

 * " Brainwash to Hogwash" Aunt Jennie Larson Speaks out
        One of our favorite characters tells about growing up in the 1950's polygamous community. Aunt Jennie was helping people escape that lifestyle long before most of us had heard about it.

 * "Keep Sweet; Children of Polyamy
        Former Polygamous wife Debbie Palmer gives a poignant look at growing up in polygamy.

 * Author John Llewellyn
        Polygamy expert's works include a first hand account about Tom Green, and two novels about living polygamy.

 * Ben Bistline's history of Colorado City
        Lifetime resident of Colorado City writes from sources as well as his own Journal.

 * "God's Brothel"
        Outstanding book that tells the stories of 18 women who escaped polygamy

 * "Sister Wives"
        Natalie R Collin's acclaimed Novel about a polygamous cult.

 * "His Favorite Wife"
        Susan Ray Schmid tells of her marriage at age 15 to Verlan LeBaron, who had 5 other wives. Luckily for Susan, she ran from this Mexico based group before her brother in law, Ervil LeBaron, launched his murderous crusade.

 * "Prisons of the Mind"
        Kasiah May Hancock "Goat Woman": 18 years of polygabuse