Welcome to the Weirdest little Town
in North America.

You are about to enter - THE TWILIGHT ZONE

There's Somethin strange
In this neighborhood

Read about it:
Life Magazine article about the 1953 polygamy raid in Colorado City.

I don't think we're in
Kansas any more, Toto
When this starts to look normal
You been here tooooo long!

Read about it:
FLDS Church pulled it's children out of school.

Primary Subject: -Reproductive Theology
Most instructors are ladies who never went to High School
How come they pulled the kids out of school?

Why, they wuz a teaching that evil-ution. And they even claimed a man walked on the moon.

We aint a learnin our young'ns no heresys.

Our little town church
Church attendance is real high here

When you drop out of the church
we evict you from your home.

Outsiders aren't very welcome
in our little town.
Especially kids with cameras.


20.5% of Colorado City residents are under 5 years old
64% are under 20
Just 1.7 % are over 64

Polygamist homes
When you have 5 wives and 30 kids, you need some bedroom space.

Come to think of it you better have a few bathrooms too.

Wonder what the heating bill is for this thing.

Colorado City kids

Cow Elk. There are other elk lying in the shed.

This little compound has a Buffalo, Zebra, and a Camel.
The Fred M Jessop zoo.

"Uncle Fred" Jessop,
is the last of the founding
fathers of Colorado City.

The zoo is free. the purpose
is to give the flocks of
children something to do in this
drab little town