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 * Child Protection Project
        Flora Jessop is trying to help women escape the polygamous life style start over.

 * Hope for the Child Brides
        St. George Volunteers have formed their own local organization.

 * Tapestry Against Polygamy
        Women who have left polygamy work to help others like themselves.

 * Colorado City Arizona;

 * Arizona Governor Pyle's 1953 Address:
        The Raid on Colorado City

 * Former policeman and former polygamist John Llewellyn on Polygamy
        Former Police Officer and Polygamist speaks out

 * Rick Ross on Polygamist Groups

* Mormon Fundamentalism and Violence
        Masters Thesis by Garn LeBaron Jr

* "My name is William Heber LeBaron"
        Convicted of four cult-related murders in Texas

* Poignant letter: Utah courts turn unrelated children over to polygamy