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Jay Beswick's account:

Bringing Caroline to safety. I think the problem with the Caroline issue was that the father lied to us, the Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wright was unable to guarantee that CPS or DFS would step in as promised, when his boss Kirk Smith intervened. The success of

Jay Beswidk with Reporter Julie Cart; LA Times

the Uncle Robert Cooke came from calls by Les Zitting to urge Robert to get control via Power of Attorney. In no way did the sheriff plan a follow-up or create any safety net in his choice.

Kurt Wright suggested I stay out of the meeting if I was to be confrontational, which knowing the law I would have been. Les Zitting had not researched the laws and was nearly asked to leave the meeting, which would have left the girl with no advocates on her behalf. The elected sheriff, Kirk Smith, was asked to attend the meeting by Sam Barlow and Polygamist chief Sam Roundy Jr., Barlow being the one that Arizona DPS tried to have decertified in 1987.

In the parking lot, in front of Angie Parkinson, a staff writer with the Spectrum newspaper, I asked the sheriff after the meeting why he did not ask for wants and warrants on the father or why child services was not called in. I got the line about the girl being from Arizona, but the father had a Utah Drivers License and fled Utah a year earlier as he was under investigation for incest or "Violation of Trust" in marrying his second wife's daughter, his stepdaughter Afton. Afton's younger sister Samantha asked to be placed at age 15 to a man in the Canada colony blindly to avoid marrying her father as her sister Afton had.

I provided Smith with the West Valley Police Dept report #. I think it is referred to as fleeing to avoid prosecution, all of this would have been known if the father had been run through the computer. The father had something to fear that made him say all of the right things. After all I had arranged the meeting place. The father had asked for a Denny's, but I feared that we could get charged with Harbouring a runaway.

Since the father was ID'd in the West Valley Investigation as having 3 wives all known by name; 1) Julie or Caroline's mother, 2) Roberta 3) Afton, Roberta's daughter, then how was Marvin different than Thomas Green and why was there not a law being broken? According to the oath of office under POST or Police Officer Standard of Training being a polygamous violates the oath of office as each swears to uphold the constitution and laws there of. In Potter vs the US Government, the US Supreme court went against Roy Potter a Murray Ut police officer for violating his oath of office for the same offense a few years ago.

Later, Les and I were told that Kirk adheres to the early theology of Joseph Smith's doctrine, though he has only one wife. The tradition to have more than one wife, he does not object to and little enforcement will occur until Smith is replaced. The bottom line is that Polygamy is illegal with or without child brides. To ignore the law is selective enforcement at best. Since I have sent 3 complaints to POST, 1 to Kirk's Office after UEP attorneys threatened me after reporting cases of suspected child abuse, I have very little trust in Smith or his administration.

Even had he ran checks, he would have ignored it. It was in his best interest to not investigate. On Sept. 7th 2000 the same sheriff called the Spectrum newspaper and asked to be interviewed and was quoted as stating that the ascension into heaven prophesy in the news was a hoax generated by apostates and the press and that he maintained regular communication with the leadership of Colorado City & Hildale and all was fine. The reality is that while few of us had proof then, these hardback theology books state this in no uncertain terms and prove what they had believed though it did not obviously come to pass. But around every bend, local government has been running interference.

If it were any other state, would DFS have been avoided and a runaway returned in spite of a complaint by a POST certified child abuse investigator (me) and the Tri-State Rep of FOR KIDS SAKE of which Arizona, Nevada & Utah were my regions. CPS or DFS were recorded calls and would not take the juvenile unless one parent supported it. Now how many plig mothers would stand against their husbands and return to their homes, none that I know. The other option was to have a sheriff report prior to DFS getting involved and that was underway when the meeting was going down, but inspite of a promise from Kurt Wright DFS was not called when the meeting was going south.

After the girl was released, smith compared polygamy to mormon missions and after that release we released the home video of the girl.

You have 14,000 polygamists, this includes the police force of Colorado City and Judge Walter Steed in Hildale and no one finds any of this odd or illegal? Maybe I lived in California too long or after 9 years in Utah, not in Utah long enough.