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The Lost Boys of Polygamy

Taught to depend on the Restrictive Polygamous Community
They are cast out, penniless, ignorant, and alone
They are unwanted competition for the young women

Dr Dan Fischer

Krakauer still vexed by FLDS
AP Report on the lost boys and the help they are getting from Dr Fischer

Dr. Dan Fischer was raised in the Polygamous Community of the FLDS. Having freed himself from that environment, he became a successful Dentist and business man. Now he is directing his energy to helping the forgotten victims of polygamy.

Dr. Fischer is founder and director of Smiles For Diversity . In addition to the original goal of promoting diversity, Smiles for Diversity is taking on the task of helping the lost boys.

What would you do?
Imagine you have been raised in a place that isolated you from the world.

Ladell Pipkin, Throw away boy from the FLDS
You have been taught that "Outsiders" are in league with the devil - not to be trusted. You have never been to a movie, nor watched TV. Your education is limited. You come from a huge, polygamous family with powerful family ties. You are taught that your church, community, and family will care for you and provide all the support you need.

Until! - One day your religious prophet pronounces you to be a worthless sinner and casts you out. Suddenly you have no friends. Your family will now have nothing to do with you. You are run out of town, possibly beaten in the process. You find yourself in a strange "outside" community. You are a lost teenaged boy; alone, bewildered, wearing everything you own.
What - Would - You - Do?