Every girls nightmare, every girls fear,
Why can't people understand
     when we shed these awful tears?
Crying has never been my way
     I try to hide the pain
but sometimes when I stop and think
     I feel it all again
The awful sickening feeling
     of his body next to mine
and the sound of clothing ripping
     all reality is gone.
I try to shut the sound out
     pretend it isn't true
but the feeling wouldn't go away
     and there was nothing I could do
The pain, the hurt, the fury
     that I've felt from that day on
Never ever seems to stop
     just keeps coming on
I wish I could forget about
     that awful summer night
but there was nothing I could do
     but run away in fright
My body was so hot and bloody
     the wounds were deep, so sore
Every muscle in my body
     felt like they'd been torn
I hate my body, hate my soul,
     my life, must it go on?
And to every girl in this world
     I hope they never feel
The pain, the hurt, the fury,
     that, to me, is very real.