Utah's Justice

Living out at short creek
Fearing every day
Knowing that the laws are there
Protecting adults sick ways

Knowing that he's watching me
And waiting for a day
To pick up where he left off
The filthy games he plays

The threats and lies he uses
Are spoken by forked tongue
By every last adult in town
There is no truth, not one

My cries for help were frowned on
They said 'twas I who'd sinned
And when I was to take the stand
They said my mom'd be skinned

So now I wont be talking
Cause they locked me in this room
And now I know what he meant by,
Talking will spell your doom

Now I'm the one who's punished
And he walks around scott free
All because he's a chosen son
And satan's inside me

So now you know what happens
When a child turns to the law
and cries aloud for justice
in the great state of Utah

by: Flora Jessop August 2002

Dedicated to the 5 daughters of Dan Barlow Jr. who were molested by him, their father, then punished for being brave and having the courage to tell. This event happened in Arizona, but when it comes to crimes against these children it matters not which state they are in as they will receive no help from Utah or Arizona. Barlow, who is the son of Colorado City's Mayor, was tried and convicted in Kingman Arizona and received a sentence of 13 days and probation for his crimes.