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Where is Ruby Jessop?

Forced into a polygamous marriage.
Ruby Jessop tried to escape.
But she failed.

14 year old Ruby was married illegally and in secret to her step-brother, Havin Barlow, in the polygamous community of Hildale Utah on April 23, 2001. The FLDS Church , which controls this community, expects that when a girl becomes sexually mature, she will be married off to an older polygamous male of the FLDS leadership choosing.

The marriage was blessed by her step father, Fred Jessop, 2nd councilor to the prophet and officiated by Warren Jeffs, first councilor to the prophet, who has now become Prophet since his father, Rulon Jeffs, died.

Ruby was married against her own choice. 3 weeks later Ruby ran away in an attempt to avoid her fate. She went to her brother's house, where she thought she would be safe. Her brother, Joe C. Jessop Jr., thought he could protect her. He couldn't!

The following weekend at Quail Creek Reservoir in Utah, Ruby was taken by deception and returned to Fred Jessop's home. When the Washington County Sheriff investigated days later, the FLDS leadership replied that the juvenile was on vacation for an undetermined length of time. We now know that during that time she was at a polygamous enclave in Idaho undergoing discipline and re-education for attempting to leave the group.

A month later Ruby was allowed to meet with a representative of the Utah DCFS. Members of FLDS were with her so that she was not free to express herself. She'd been held in seclusion under their control for a month. Under these conditons, Ruby told the DCFS rep that everything was alright. Without any followup or tests for abuse, the DCFS rep turned her back to her FLDS abusers (Transcript) . As is common in Utah, DCFS has worked as an enabler for the polygamist community.

Now "WHERE'S RUBY" ??? She has been seen in Colorado city, always in the company of others. She is never given the opportunity to leave again. Ruby has had a baby now. The hopes she once had to gain her freedom have faded. Negelected and forgotten by the public agencies who were charged with helping her, Ruby's bid for freedom has failed.

When Elizabeth Smart was found by the Salt Lake police they knew enough to seperate her from her captors before asking her who she was. Even then, with freedom just a word away, the brainwashing she'd endured was so powerful she denied her own identity. Think then of Ruby Jessop, with a lifetime of brainwashing and with a DCFS representative who wasn't even smart enough to think to seperate her from her oppressors.

As this is written (September, 2003), Ruby is said to be living in Fred Jessops huge polygamous home in Hildale Utah. She was legally married to Haven Barlow as soon as she turned 16. At about that time she became pregnant and has had a baby now. She is expecting her second child.

In April of 2003 Senator Orrin Hatch made some comments that were very favorable to the polygamists of Hildale UT/Colorado City AZ. He stated that he has many friends among the Polygamists. In response, "Help the Child Brides" issued a challenge to the Senator. We asked him to go out to his friend Fred Jessop's house and bring Ruby in to Saint George where she could be interviewed by Social Workers and experts in abuse. We stated that if conditions among the polygamists are as free and good as he claimed, then his polygamous friends should be happy to allow Ruby an opportunity to set the record straight on her situation.

To date Senator Hatch has not responded to our challenge. It is clear that Senator Hatch spoke the entire truth when he stated that he has many friends among the Polygamists.